cryptsetup LUKS2 Creating encrypted virtual Disk Image and mount it

  init: {
    'theme': 'base',
    'themeVariables': {
      'primaryColor': '#3ed72b',
      'primaryTextColor': '#000',
      'primaryBorderColor': '#000',
      'lineColor': '#fff',
      'secondaryColor': '#e6f01b',
      'tertiaryColor': '#fff'

flowchart LR
   id1[/virtual Disk/]
   id3[/ ctryptsetup/]
passphrase] id9[/format ext4/] id10[/open /] id5[/mount/] id6[/detach /] id7[/close /] id1-->id3 id3-->id2 id2-->id10 id10-->id9 id10-->id5 id5-->id6 id5-->id7


  • install cryptsetup
  • creating virtual disk with dd
  • format and encrypt virtaul disk with cryptsetup
    • setpassphrase
  • opening encrypted virtual disk with cryptsetup
    • format virtual disk with ext4 mkfs
    • create mountpoint with mkdir
    • mount LUKS opened disk to mointpoint
    • detach mount
    • close LUKS

install cryptsetup LUKS

sudo apt-get install cryptsetup-bin

Creating virtual Disk file

virtual disk filename:


dd if=/dev/zero of=crypted-disk-luks.img  bs=100M count=0 seek=1

info: with fdisk -l crypted-disk-luks.img you can check virtual disk size

Disk Encryption preparation

format and encrypt virtual disk

cryptsetup -q -y  luksFormat crypted-disk-luks.img

info: you will be asked for passphrase to encrypt/decrypt disk

open LUKS encrypted virtual disk

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /data/crypted/crypted-disk-luks.img virtualDiskMapper

info: virtualDiskMapper is the pointname under /dev/mapper/virtalDiskMapper

check LUKS opened virual Disk on /dev/mapper

sudo fdisk -l /dev/mapper/virtualDiskMapper

info: you should see size of disk little less than 100MB (it is ok)

format inside opened LUKS the virtual Disk with your prefered file system

in this case: ext4

sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/virtualDiskMapper

info: this format has no effect to encryption, so do it

Mount LUKS encrypted virtual disk

above we opened LUKS enrypted virtual already, in this point you dont need to open, because it is opened with passphrase already.

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /data/crypted/crypted-disk-luks.img virtualDiskMapper

create mountpoint for LUKS virtual disk

sudo mkdir /mnt/LUKSDISK

info: this mointpoint you need to create only one time

mount LUKS virtual disk to mointpoint

sudo mount /dev/mapper/virtualDiskMapper /mnt/LUKSDISK

closing LUKS opened virtual disk

actually our enrypted disk is mounted on moinpoint.
so first detach mountpoint

detach moinpoint

sudo umount /mnt/LUKSDISK

close LUKS virtual Disk

sudo cryptsetup luksClose virtualDiskMapper

info: this commad will detach dev mapped virtualDiskMapper also

  init: {
    'theme': 'base',
    'themeVariables': {
      'primaryColor': '#3ed72b',
      'primaryTextColor': '#fff',
      'primaryBorderColor': '#cfd72b',
      'lineColor': '#e6f01b',
      'secondaryColor': '#e6f01b',
      'tertiaryColor': '#fff'

   root(Virtual Disk)
       LUKS open
               detach mount
               close luks